mackenzie almeida
Son of the fair man of the city


personal data

full name. Mackenzie Alberte Almeida
date of birth. October 13, 1978
immediate family. Alberte (father)
Elizabeth (neé Walsh, Mother)
no siblings.
extended family. Paternal: Paolo (4 yrs older, married Guilia - three boys); Carlos (3 yrs younger, married Karen. five children (4 girls, 1 boy), Miguel (6 yrs younger, married Carla. 4 girls)
Elizabeth: 2 sisters, 4 brothers (both sisters and 3 brothers married)
heritage. Maternal: Irish/Italian
Paternal: Italian/Portugeuse
hair color. Black
eye color. Brown
height. six foot, two inches
orientation. cis, bisexual
status. currently dating Jefferson Carns
languages. English, Portugeuse, Spanish, Latin
religion. Roman Catholic, practicing
sun sign. Libra
blood type. O+
vision. diagnosed hyperopic at age 7, requires aid to see up close. Currently has split prescription as left eye is worse than right, requires bifocal aid. Wears both contacts and glasses.
major medical incidents. infancy: bronchitis. age 9, chicken pox. age 12, removal of ruptured spleen, emergency brain surgury to relieve pressure
ongoing medical conditions. migraine headaches with Prodrome phase within 48 hours and sensory aurae, retrograde amnesia, untreated PTSD
scars. right eyebrow. broad, raised patch of skin on right shoulder. four parallel lines on right side. surigcal inscision scar, mid abdomen, left side.
tattoos. wings on the outside of each ankle
allergies. none


Intellegence Quota. 125
Pre-school. Glocester PreSchool
K-6. East Gloucester Elementary School
Break. September 15, 1989 to September 1990 - out of school due to hospitalization/rehabilitation
Middle School. Ralph B. O'Maley Middle School (now the O'Maley Innovation Middle School)
Senior High School. Gloucester High School
Undergraduate. University of New York, B.S. Secondary Education: Earth Science
Masters. State University of New York, Stony Brook M.S.
Doctor of Philosophy. University of Massachusetts, Boston
Occupation. Director of Education, New England Aquarium (NEAQ)
Former Occupations. busboy, Crow's Nest Gloucester MA; research assistant, New York City; research assistant - biology I & II, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Woods Hole MA; intern - Marine Fish Stress and Health Program, Marine Mammal Education and Research & Conservation Projects, NEAQ; Educational Guide, NEAQ; Senior Guide, NEAQ

colors/personal style
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FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabanna, Burberry, North Face


Myers-Brigg (ESTJ-A)

Chaotic Good




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